The Stand at Fosters Field

When high school freshman Jacob Miller and fellow classmate Angie Swenson meet at a secluded deer hunting stand over their summer vacation, they set off a violent chain of events that will haunt them both for the rest of their lives.

(Available in print and eBook formats, 126 pages)


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Ghosts of Florence Pass

Following a tragic plane crash on a remote mountain pass, fourteen year-old John Parker undertakes an epic battle for survival in the face of overwhelming odds. And when his growing obsession with a family secret threatens to drive him to despair, John Parker finds strength in the knowledge that there is another survivor of the crash who desperately needs his help.

(Available in eBook format only, approx. 30 pages)

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The Ascent of PJ Marshall

When PJ Marshall’s father–on the verge of exposing oil and timber industry corruption–disappears under a cloud of suspicion, PJ begins to unravel a conspiracy designed to hide the truth at any cost. And the closer he comes to finding his father and the truth, the deeper PJ sinks into the darkness of human depravity. Including his own.

(Available in print and eBook formats, 375 pages)

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