“The Stand at Fosters Field” Coming July, 2016!


After a whole lot of nothing going on here for a long time, I’m happy to tell you I’ve finished a novella called The Stand at Fosters Field. It’s scheduled to be released on July 8th, but you can get an exclusive sneak peek by signing up here.


You’ll get Part One (of three–that’s a third of the whole darn thing!) of Stand sent to your inbox, plus you’ll be sent any future exclusives, and you’ll be the first to learn about new releases, contests and giveaways here at bjandersonauthor.com. (My promise to you: no spam, your email stays private, one-click unsubscribe)


Here’s the back of the book blurb:

When high school freshman Jacob Miller and fellow classmate Angie Swenson meet at a secluded deer hunting stand over their summer vacation, they set off a violent chain of events that will haunt them both for the rest of their lives. (There’s a more detailed description here)


Sound interesting? Sign up now and you could be reading part one within minutes!

I know, I know. I can hear some of you saying “I can’t do it–I get way too much flippin’ email already. And didn’t I already give this joker my email address?”

Well, if you found out about this post by email, then yes you did. But here’s what I’ll tell you about that. By signing up now, you’ll receive everything you would get by following my blog posts, and more. (see above) You could safely unfollow my blog and you wouldn’t miss out on anything. If you wanted. But if you want to sign up for both, who am I to say no?


One last crazy thought…


If you read part one and decide you don’t want to wait until July to read the whole book, email me at bjandersonauthor [at] gmail [dot] com. I’ll send you a free copy of the whole book (ebook version) in exchange for a review of Stand on its release day.


You could also pre-order your very own Kindle version of The Stand at Fosters Field here.


So many options…so many decisions.


I’ll leave you to it.


Thanks for reading!


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