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Just a short post today to let you know that Marshall will be free to download this holiday weekend. For three days–from today (5/25/13) through Monday–visit Amazon.com (or the Kindle Store from your device) to download and start reading.

FYI, if you don’t have a Kindle, apps are available for various smart phones and tablets (including the iPad) that will let you read books in Kindle format. Every day, there are tons and tons of books available to download for free. Not only does this eliminate the risk for readers in trying out new authors, it’s a great way for those authors to spread the word about their books.

Another win-win in the new publishing model.

So if you’ve been reluctant to drop your hard-earned money on an unknown author, (can’t say I blame you) now’s a good time. And if you’re so inclined, tweet-share-post-text-blog-chat-email your friends and family (I suppose you could even tell them in person) about this and all the other free books out there.

Thanks for reading!

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